May 01, 2015

April Favorites

Hello my lovelies,

Hope you are having a great day, and weekend too. A new month has begun which means it´s time for a quick overview of my most used and favorite products in April. I hope you like them, and enjoy my blog post.


These huge perfume bottles are usually not for sale, but I was very lucky to find this beautiful and very rare Miss Dior factice at my local perfumerie. The bottle is so sweet and nice and I just can´t stop looking at it!


 I have received a huge set of  24 Dior nail polishes, and I love each and every shade. My current go-to-colors for spring are very pink and red: Muguet, Grège, Wonderland, Bonheur, Victoire and Pandore (all shades are available here).


This is a very clean and smooth scent of my favorite candle brand: Diptyque.

What were your favorites in April?

Nikoleta, xoxo.

The Glitter Chic


Arabesque said...

These nail polishes look amazing - the packaging is so sleek and elegant, and I presume the formula is also rather good. I'd like to try them some time soon. And btw - your pictures are beautiful, you have an eye for a good frame composition ;)

If you'd like you could check out my new blog - I'd be honored ;)

Bella Rae said...

I really want to try that perfume, I think I'm going to have to give it a go after your post.

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

I totally agree with you!! Thank you so much it means a lot to me!! :)

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

You should, it's amazing! :)

Nikoleta, xoxo.

thefashionchatter said...

WOW i love this blog post! Ive always wanted to try one of those candles! ive just started a blog and would love it if anyone check it out! XXXX

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Thank you my dear!

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Amalia Fitry Baruna said...

I would like to buy that perfume. Can you please describe what kind of smell it is? I need to do a little research on it online so I hope it'll fit me *finger crossed* :D


Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

I am not so good describing perfumes, that's why I didn't mentioned on my blog post..It is kind of vanilla mixed with jasmine and bulgarian rose.. it is very good! :)

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Carmen Varner said...

I'm dying for a Diptyque candle. They look wonderful & I hear the scents are really long lasting. :]

// ▲ ▲

Rebecca said...

Miss Dior is one of my favourite ever perfumes, it's such a beautiful scent!

Rebecca Coco

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Yes they are really long lasting!! :)

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Yes, it really is! :)

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Perla Sanchez said...

I loved seeing your favorites! I really want to try Miss Dior! I really like your blog, I'm following you now on bloglovin. Checkout my blog and if you like it follow me too. Let's keep in touch! :D

Emily Hannah said...

You're favourites are so nice! I desperately want to try Miss Dior x
han // emandhan xo

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Thank you my dear! I will definitely! :)

Nikoleta, xoxo.

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Thank you my dear!! Yes, you should!! :)

Nikoleta, xoxo.