November 17, 2014

Review: Real Techniques Powder and Blush Brushes

Last month I decided to order and try the Real Techniques Brushes. Since I have been looking for a really good Powder and Brush/ Contour Brush, everyone recommended to me to try the Real Techniques ones. 
I ordered them through the Feelunique Online Shop. Powder Brush was ($17), and the Blush Brush ($15).

Real Techniques Powder Brush: This is a great brush. Affordable, 
durable, very easy to clean and dries fast. Doesn't shed. I'm able to 
apply my powder really quick and evenly, without that powdery look on my skin. It is very soft, and quite large to apply powder, which it's amazing. I can't say good enough words about how much I really like this brush.

 Real Techniques Blush Brush, it is super soft to the touch and quite large so I use this as a bit of a multi-tasker. This brush is small enough to get a precision contour and blush application. This saves a lot of time in the morning, as I want a little bit of contour and blush application. The brush is easy to wash, and it dries really quickly. 

All that being said, I really love Real Techniques! They are fantastic quality and are really affordable. Finally I found my Powder and Blush/ Contour Brush that I like, because I tried many other brushes, and I was really disappointed, but now I will definitely choose Real Techniques!

Have you tried the Real Techniques Brushes?/ Which brush do you use to apply Powder or Blush/ Contour? 

Nikoleta, xoxo

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Senka Jasarevic said...

Sviđa mi se post! Poseti me!
Puno poljubaca,

Danielle said...

i only have their expert face brush but i definitely plan to get some more!

xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram // youtube

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Hvala puno draga!

Lijep pozdrav,


Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

Do it, you won't regret it! :)

Nikoleta, xoxo

Take A Look said...

I was actually thinking about getting these brushes, but then I found some negative reviews. People said they fall apart after a few washings, bet then so many people love them and claim they're awesome. Totally confused now :D what to do, what to do :) great post, thanks for recommendation!

Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

I really, really recommend to you these brushes! They changed my life for real! I washed them a few time from now, and none of that happen! They don't fall apart, only the real cheap ones! You should give them a try for sure ;)
Thank you! :)

Nikoleta, xoxo

Lisa Tran said...

Yes, I love RT brushes! I just purchased the blush brush, but haven't used it yet. It looks a bit too big for blush, but we'll see! Also I use the contour brush to apply concealer and powder, it's awesome! I love your blog - so many products that I would use myself!


Nikoleta Ljuljduraj said...

That's nice to hear! :) Thank you dear :)

Nikoleta, xoxo.